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  • Degoo vs. Dropbox

    We sometimes get the question "So Degoo is like Dropbox, but more space?". The easy answer is yes. The truth, ...

    Apr 23, 2016 08:05AM CEST
  • Can I use Degoo on Android or iOS?

    Yes Degoo is available for both Android and iOS!

    May 19, 2017 05:15PM CEST
  • Automatic backups

    We want to make your file backup experience easy as possible. That's why Degoo performs an automatic backup ev...

    Feb 11, 2016 05:20PM CET
  • Can I use Degoo on Ubuntu?

    No, not at the moment. We are planning on supporting Ubuntu and other Linux based platforms sometime in the f...

    Sep 27, 2015 11:23AM CEST
  • Can I use Degoo on Blackberry?

    Yes! You can get it via Amazon AppStore.

    Aug 23, 2015 04:56PM CEST
  • Does Degoo work on Linux?

    No, not at the moment. We are planning on supporting the Linux platform sometime in the future. Right no...

    Sep 27, 2015 11:22AM CEST
  • Quick start guide

    Degoo backs up your files with the reliability of the cloud so you can restore them in case you lose your loca...

    Jul 02, 2016 05:33PM CEST
  • Does Degoo use P2P storage?

    No. We used to use P2P storage (meaning that you had to share some of your unused hard drive space in order to...

    Sep 06, 2015 08:31PM CEST
  • Can I delete my backed up file on my computer?

    With Degoo you always keep a copy of every file for instant access while any changes you make, whether it's ad...

    Oct 23, 2015 05:42PM CEST
  • How to redeem your 2 TB lifetime account

    If you do not have a Degoo account You can redeem your 2 TB lifetime account by creating an account and ent...

    Jun 28, 2017 07:52PM CEST
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