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What does sharing unused processor time mean?

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018 02:12AM CET

You can get more free backup space for a computer by choosing to share your processor when you're not using it.

What it means

It means your computer is part of a large network of computers providing computational power, in what is called cloud computing, to compute various stuff. It might be making weather forecasts, understanding complex diseases or mining digital currency. Activating processor sharing lets us at Degoo to be profitable while still offering you free backup.

When you choose to share unused processor time with Degoo your processor can do the following thing:

It's of course optional and you can enable or disable processor sharing at any time if you change your mind. You can always try it but you're not obligated to take part if you're not feeling it's your thing.

How this affects your computer

The performance of your computer won't be affected by sharing processor time. Your processor i​s only used when there's enough capacity left. We have a strict goal of not slowing down your computer when you're using it to give you the best possible experience.Enabling processor sharing is done in your Degoo client. Follow this guide and take part within seconds!

What is minerd.exe? My Anti-Virus says it's a virus/trojan. Why?

minerd.exe is a small executable which is used to mine digital currencies. By activating processor sharing we unpack minerd.exe and run it at low load when there's enough processor capacity left.

You might get a warning from your Anti-Virus software saying minerd.exe is a virus or trojan. This is because it cannot verify the author of the executable. We have been in contact with the leading Anti-Virus companies to white-list our minerd.exe but a few still has it on it's black-list. This is why your Anti-Virus might still thinks it's a virus.

You don't have to be worried about using our minerd.exe as it's compiled directly from this Github project into an executable.

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